Welcome to Libbie’s Lab!

This is the new home of all my fiber and sewing projects! These days I spend a large amount of my free time adding to my wardrobe. Primarily, I knit but I also crochet, sew, and most recently, spin yarn! My goal for this newsletter/space to become a diary of my work and to share my process. I hate creating in a vacuum and would love an excuse to share all my ideas and projects! Thank you so much for being here. I can’t wait to share my creative chaos with you.

Some housekeeping:

If you can’t find this newsletter in the future, check your spam folder and mark this email address as ‘not spam.’ If it isn’t in your spam folder, then take a peak at the promotions tab. 

If you hate inbox clutter, you can always check libbieslab.com for any updates! Please share with friends or interested parties if you’re enjoying it. <3 

The dirty, stinking details: 

What is Libbie’s Lab?

This is my virtual atelier ($10 word) and a space to share my work with like minded folks. Personally, I think there is a lack of fiber/sewing people who also have an interest in current fashion trends and clothing as art. I hope to bridge the gap and make diy-ing your own wardrobe really approachable. 

Who tf is Libbie?

Libbie Bischoff (aka me) is a type and graphic designer by day and wannabe fashion designer by night. 

At the teeny age of 8, my grandma Doris taught me how to knit and the basics to hand sewing. Ever since, I have maintained a knitting hobby and have dabbled in sewing. During the pandemic, I fell head first into clothes-making and can’t seem to get enough!

It began because I can’t ever seem to find clothes that fit my body, my budget, and ethical standards. And what do we do when we want something done right? We do it ourselves! 

Can I read LL for free?

Yes! The monthly email will always be free but there may be additional themed emails behind a paywall in the future. 

How often will I receive your newsletters?

Short answer: The third Monday of each month. 

Long answer: I am going to start with a monthly creative update including WIPs, finished projects, and what’s on my pattern list for the future. My goal is to add additional segments each month that include mood boards, my own patterns, and trend predictions related to the diy clothing scene! I will share more details on this later. 

Thanks for reading! I am so excited that you’re here. <3

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